Falls and fall prevention

Learn about the causes of falls, what impact they have, and what you can do to prevent them.
Group of people doing lunges in a park

Your risk of falling increases as you get older. 

Falls can lead to: 

  • injury and hospitalisation
  • needing social care when you get home
  • loss of independence 

But falls are not inevitable. Find out why they happen, how you can reduce your risk, and what prevention services are available. 

Fall causes and prevention

Read about the causes and prevention of falls on the following websites: 

Exercises to prevent falls

You can reduce your risk of falling by doing exercises to improve your balance, strength and mobility.

Useful resources for this include: 

  • ActivLives is a programme to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in and around Ipswich, with a specific focus on activities for older adults. These activities include health walks and chair or standing exercises.
  • Otago, which is a particular form of exercise to help improve balance and reduce falls
  • Positive Steps classes in west Suffolk
  • Tai chi classes across the county
  • Chair-based exercise activities

You can also search the community directory on Suffolk InfoLink to find gentle activities that will help to improve your mobility. This could be anything from carpet bowls to tea dances.

Falls prevention services

If you've had a fall, or are thought to be at risk of falling, you may be referred by a health professional to a falls prevention service: