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Technology to help you live independently

Learn about digital and assistive technology that can support you to live safely and independently at home for longer.

How is this provided in Suffolk?

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Suffolk’s care technology service is called Cassius.

What is Cassius?

Cassius offers a modern, cutting-edge care technology service to help people to live happy, independent and connected lives, which will blend in with mainstream technology and complement face-to-face care.

Who is it for?

The Cassius service is for people over the age of 18 and with a range of health and care needs – even those who have not used technology before, can benefit from this service. It can also help improve the quality of life and independence for people who are caring for a loved one, often enabling them to leave the home with more confidence and less worry. The service offers assessment, installation and maintenance support and can help get people started with using the technology. We will come and take it away when it is no longer needed.

Types of technology

Suffolk County Council offer a range of core products which will support people to live independently at home and give carers peace of mind, real-time information and back-up support if it is needed. The devices can be worn or fitted around your home. They can keep you safe by alerting others that you might need help, for example if you have a fall. We also have other more specialised items that would be available following a care needs assessment.

See the core products currently available below.

Download the product guides

Cassius sensor product guide PDF Video
Cassius radar sensor product guide PDF  
Cassius video carephone product guide PDF Video
Cassius falls button product guide PDF Video
Cassius smartwatch product guide PDF Video
Cassius falls wearable product guide PDF  
Cassius digital reminder clock product guide PDF  
Cassius digital bed chair mat product guide PDF  
Cassius Alexa product guide PDF  

Paying for technology

Suffolk County Council may be able to help if you’re not sure what to buy or need financial support. Equipment is free of charge if meeting needs outlined in the Care Act; check if you are eligible on the care and support assessment page. If you have savings above our threshold of £23,250 we can direct you to the best place to purchase the technology.

Arranging it yourself may be quicker and give you more choice and control.

You may already have some technology at home but didn't know that it could help with keeping you independent and well.

You can find care technology through:

  • A new online shop available for the Cassius service
  • Large retailers such as Amazon or Argos
  • Specialist technology and health shops online
  • App stores using a smartphone or other mobile device.

Visit the care and support assessment page for more information.

Equipment and adaptations

You can find out more about:

If you have more complex needs

You may need help beyond equipment, technology or adaptations to your home, such as social care support.

If you think you need more support, the first step is to self-assess your care and support needs.

The result of the self-assessment will tell you:

  • if you'd benefit from a full assessment of your needs
  • how to request social care support

Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to a care and support assessment from the council. This would tell us how we could best support you to live as healthily, independently and safely as possible.