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Suffolk and Norfolk Long Range Wide Area Network

A two-year joint project between Suffolk County Council and Norfolk County Council, funded by a grant from New Anglia LEP.
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What will be provided?

A Suffolk and Norfolk county wide network for the Internet of Things (IoT). It'll be free to use for schools, business, the public sector and the public.

How will it work?

It'll use a technology called Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN).

This is similar to mobile phone technology for sending small pieces of information from a sensor to a gateway which then delivers it to the internet.

You cannot use the technology for making calls, sending pictures, texts or access the internet, but because of this, it can send information a very long way – often several miles, depending largely upon the height of the gateway.

IoT is the concept of connecting a device (any device) with a sensor to the internet to collect data to monitor, manage, control or report. This includes everything from kettles, light bulbs, pollution monitors and flood warning sensors. This data is then typically aggregated and displayed on a dashboard and can be used for multiple purposes and accessed on various devices.

Email for more details about this project.

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