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Suffolk Advertising Service

A cost-effective advertising agency that works with clients from Suffolk, the surrounding areas and other counties.
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We are dedicated to supporting clients with creating, planning, and handling of:

  • design work
  • copywriting
  • advertising - broadcast, outdoor, print and digital
  • promotional material and activity
  • marketing
  • public notices.

Our main purpose to support in a cost-effective way that provides greater value to clients in the public and third sectors:

  • local government services
  • schools
  • the public sector organisations
  • charities
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • organisations funded by public sector or councils.

We work with clients from Suffolk, the surrounding areas and other counties within the UK (United Kingdom).

We offer you and our clients:

  • attractive discounts with a range of local and national publications helping you get value for your money
  • planning and advice on media and where to publish to get the most effective coverage
  • advert booking and price negotiation
  • creative copywriting, editing, proofreading and advert design
  • access to online, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor or bus advertising and YouTube
  • the ability to achieve the greatest exposure for your Public Notices, having supported 3,469 last year.

Over 1000 clients used our Suffolk Jobs Direct (SJD) site to:

  • target over 29,000 registered jobseekers and applicants
  • access 400,000 plus jobseekers visiting each year
  • be a part of the 9,000,000 plus pages viewed each year
  • facilitate over 23,000 plus online applications and thousands more offline applications
  • host a range of their own career sites like Suffolk County Council’s Careers site.

Find out more by contacting us

Call us on 01473 265442, available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, or email