Business continuity management

Business Continuity Management is the process of planning for and dealing with potential threats and hazards to your organisation’s ability to maintain services. Its about identifying those parts of your service you can’t afford to lose.

Plan for the what ifs 

There are many examples which can affect your business such as:

  • Losing access to your premises due to fire or flood
  • Half your staff suddenly goes absent from work due to illness
  • Losing access to all IT systems causing computer failure or loss of data
  • Receiving a ransomware or cyber-attack  
  • Lost power, water and gas 
  • A critical supplier failure preventing you to trade as normal

Does your business or organisation have a plan to get you through this period? An unforeseen event can happen at any time. The types of outcomes as a consequence of an incident includes:

  • higher insurance premiums
  • loss of income
  • loss of customers
  • loss of reputation
  • staff or recruitment problems
  • complete failure of business

Create a business continuity plan

A disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan is essential to protect a business or voluntary organisation. A plan can:

  • help manage the impact of an incident and promote a quicker recovery
  • set out clear actions, roles and responsibilities to give staff confidence in a crisis
  • enhance your reputation with customers and suppliers, as many will only do business with an organisation that shows business continuity

Guidance, templates and case studies about business continuity can be found on the Suffolk Resilience Forum and on this business continuity advice page. have created information which can be found on the Business Continuity Management Toolkit.

If you require additional support please contact the Business Continuity Manager via email

Or on 01473 264552 available between Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.