The Coroner service

Details of the Coroner service in Suffolk; who the Coroner is and what they do, as well as information about post mortems and inquests.

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The Coroner for Suffolk

Find out who the Coroner for Suffolk is, and what this role entails; as well as information about Assistant Coroners and Coroner's Officers.

Reporting deaths to the Coroner

Find out the circumstances upon which a death will be reported to the Coroner, and how this is done.

Post mortems

Information about post mortems; what they are, when they take place.


Find out about inquests into deaths, including lists of main inquest hearings and inquest openings and how to claim expenses if you've attended an inquest.

Request an audio recording of a inquest hearing

Find out the cost of ordering a audio recording of a inquest hearing held by the Suffolk Coroner Service and and how to apply online.

Funeral director notification of appointment form

Complete this form to notify us that you have been appointed to carry out the funeral arrangements for someone who has recently died.