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The Coroner service

Details of the Coroner service in Suffolk, including who the Coroner is and what they do, as well as information about post mortems and inquests.
The Coroner for Suffolk
How to contact the Coroner Court or offices in Suffolk is and about the role of the Coroner Service.
Reporting deaths to the Coroner
Find out the circumstances upon which a death will be reported to the Coroner, and how this is done.
Advice for GPs about completing a death certificate
Guidance for doctors about completing a Medical Certificate Cause of Death (MCCD) and when to report to the Coroner.
Inquest hearings
Dates of inquest hearings, inquest openings and adjournments and how to claim expenses for attending an inquest.
COVID-19 secure inquest hearings
The Coroner Service commitment to running inquest hearings safely during COVID-19 pandemic.
Find out what a post-mortem is, when a post-mortem takes place and who to contact.