Suffolk Manual

Download the Suffolk Manual, which is a good practice guide for anyone working on the highway or other public spaces and sensitive areas.

The manual was written by a team of officers including highway engineers, planners and conservation officers.

It's jointly published by the County Council and Suffolk's district and borough councils.

Email with any questions about the Suffolk Manual.

Suffolk Manual (PDF, 245KB) is Suffolk County Council's agreed environmental policy relating to the design of highway works.

The Manual comprises of four separate volumes.

The Suffolk Conservation Manual is a good practice guide for highway works in conservation areas.

  • Foreword and Introduction (PDF, 378KB)
  • Part 1 (PDF, 1.7MB) Policies Roles and Design Principles
  • Part 2 (PDF, 3.2MB) Detailed Design
  • Appendices (PDF, 2.1MB) and includes part of PPG15, Project Management and review of completed schemes

The Suffolk Countryside Manual is a good practice guide for highway works in the wider countryside as well as those parts of towns and villages which retain a rural character.

The Suffolk Surface Dressing Manual (PDF, 1.5MB) gives advice on the use of surface dressing in highway schemes in sensitive areas.

The Suffolk Materials Manual gives guidance on the choice and laying of materials commonly used in enhancement works in conservation and other sensitive areas.