How to take part in a public consultation or fill out a survey and a list of past consultations published by Suffolk County Council.

Open consultations

Closing date

New Primary School and Pre-School, Fuller Way, Chilton Leys, Stowmarket
pre-application planning consultation
14 August 2020

Active travel improvements for cycling and walking

No closing date 

Adult services

Children's services

Corporate services


Planning and development

Public health

Public safety


These consultations are specifically pre-application planning surveys. They are available to review and respond to for a standardised 28 days and are advertised in the local press accordingly.

The Consultation and Engagement Charter sets out our commitment to consult and engage with people. It also sets out, in broad terms, what we mean by consultation and engagement, how we will consult and engage, why, what we will do with that information and how we will be transparent about it.

Read the Consultation and Engagement Charter in full.