How to take part in a public consultation or fill out a survey and a list of past consultations published by Suffolk County Council.

Live consultations


Closing date

Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVAP School, Framlingham pre-application planning consultation

Monday 4 June 2018


Adult services

Children's services

Corporate services


Planning and development

Public health


A consultation can be a:

  • online
  • open days
  • petition

Suffolk County Council is committed to involving as many people as possible when decisions need to be made. Consultation helps the council to form policy and allocate resources.

Consultation and engagement guidance

Suffolk County Council consults at a strategic level with the following groups to inform its corporate policies and priorities:

  • residents
  • businesses
  • partner agencies
  • staff

Consultation enables us to identify trends and emerging challenges. This allows us to plan the allocation of resources, and to measure the success of improvements we have implemented.

Consultation at local level helps us to identify the needs and expectations of specific groups so that we can incorporate these into the way our services are planned and delivered.