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Partnership working to support education for CiC

We work closely with other services within Suffolk County Council and several external agencies too.  A few examples include:

  • Psychology and Therapeutic Services at Suffolk County Council Within PTS the Inclusion Facilitators team have a helpful list on their webpages with suggestions to support children and young people
  • Psychology and Therapeutic Services at Suffolk County Council provide valuable guidance with their Keys to Inclusion advice for the adults working to support a child or young person.
  • Suffolk Libraries Children in care aged 0 to 18 years old are eligible for a free Suffolk Libraries card with no overdue charges for late items. For more information please visit their website.
  • Inclusion Services and Specialist Education Services. Please see the Local Offer website for information on referrals to the LA’s Specialist Education Services, including CISS, the Dyslexia Outreach Service, the Multi-Agency Assessment Panel (MAAP) and Specialist Admissions.  Please follow this link to access the Inclusion Services referral form.
  • The Raedwald Trust Outreach Teaching Service is a provision formed initially in 2017 in partnership with the Suffolk Virtual School.  Until 2019, the outreach programme was a provision exclusively for children in care. Due to its success and a growing demand across Suffolk schools, Raedwald now offers outreach to all children and young people. The Suffolk Virtual School funds and refers for provision for a cohort of children and young people via retained Pupil Premium Grant. Click for further information on the programme.

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