Psychology and Therapeutic Services Keys to Inclusion

Person Centred Approach to supporting inclusive practice in your setting.

Here are the keys to inclusion:

  1. The Importance of Welcome (welcome committee You Tube video)

  2. Listening - Attend carefully to both what is said and what is meant.

  3. Learning - This includes adults learning and supporting inclusive practice.

  4. Noticing Gifts and Strengths - recognising a young person's strengths and how they can be applied in the world. Here is a useful handout that supports 'capacity thinking' (pdf. 711KB).

  5. Person Centred Planning - is driven by ‘capacity thinking’. It’s aim is to bring focus on the whole person, their ‘ordinary needs’ and the big picture; imagining a desirable future and beginning to work out what it will take to make this happen by asking and visualising what a ‘good life’ would look like for them.

  6. The Importance of Teamwork. Collaborative Problem Solving (Solution Circles, Circle of Friends)

  7. Relationships - The value of relational approaches, such as 'restorative justice'.

Here is a printable summary of the keys to inclusion (pdf. 936KB).