Information about potholes, including how we inspect, monitor and repair them in Suffolk.

Potholes occur where part of the surface of the road has broken up and fallen out. We carry out regular safety inspections on the roads we are responsible for to find and repair potholes. 

However, potholes and other defects may occur between these inspections - particularly following freezing conditions when water in the road freezes and expands, cracking the road surface.

Potholes and other defects can happen very fast, and we may not know about them.

Report a problem

You can report a pothole quickly and easily online using our Highways Reporting Tool.

How we repair defects

Our aim is to make roads safe and accessible. Our response to potholes will depend on several factors, including:

  • location
  • size
  • risk the pothole poses to public safety

Some potholes will be made safe and then permanently repaired as part of other programmed works. Others are monitored as part of routine inspections, as the risk to public safety is not sufficient to merit any remedial action. 

Our repair criteria for highway defects page gives details of how we prioritise repairs. Further information is available in our Highway Maintenance Operational Plan (PDF, 2MB) - Read our Highway Maintenance Operational Plan page for more information.