Residents parking schemes (zones)

Information on the operation and provision of residents parking schemes (zones).

Residents parking schemes are generally used where parking by shoppers, commuters, leisure users or visitors prevents residents parking close to their homes.

These schemes aim to give people who live in a designated street a fair chance of parking close to their homes, but they do not guarantee a parking space. However, these schemes need to be managed and enforced and the permit charges have to cover the full costs.

Eligible residents are able to buy a yearly parking permit.

Working on our behalf, East Suffolk, Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk manage residents parking schemes in their areas and also consider new requests for new or changes to residents parking schemes.

In Babergh and Mid Suffolk, Suffolk County Council will consider requests for new resident parking schemes and changes to existing ones. In this area Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Council will manage residents parking schemes.

Residents parking schemes currently operate in the following locations and enquiries about their day to day operation, or to renew or apply for a permit, should be directed to the relevant council as set out below:

New schemes will only be considered where:

  • It can be clearly shown that there is significant and persistent parking stress in the area;
  • The local community can evidence widespread support for the introduction of a scheme; and
  • Funding is available and the scheme is financially viable and can be effectively managed and enforced.

To enquire about having a new scheme or extending an existing scheme, please use the following contacts:

Babergh and Mid Suffolk

In Babergh and Mid Suffolk. Please contact the town or parish council to gain its support. If it's supportive, ask them to approach the county council. Contact details can be found on Borough, district, parish and town councils.

Residents' Waivers 

We administer a limited number of resident exemptions, in addition to the schemes operated by local district and borough councils. A list of these and how to apply can be found on our Residents and Business Waivers webpage.