Information on parking including, the Blue Badge scheme for disabled parking, how to apply for a dropped kerb and residential parking schemes.

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Parking on pavements and verges

How we reduce parking on pavements and verges to maintain the safety of public highways.

Apply for a dropped kerb

How you can apply to create or alter a dropped kerb in Suffolk, including fees and other requirements for applications.

Residents parking schemes (zones)

Information on the operation and provision of residents parking schemes (zones)

Parking bays for people with disabilities

Types of parking bays for disabled drivers and how to apply for an advisory disabled parking bay if you live in Suffolk.

Parking enforcement

Information on illegal and obstructive parking, how to report it and how to apply for new parking restrictions.

Blue Badge scheme

Information about the Blue Badge scheme, including the eligibility criteria, how to renew or replace your badge and what to do if you are a new applicant.