Planning and development advice

Countywide guidance for all planning developments in Suffolk. The information provided should be used alongside the advice of each district council.

Further advice and guidance can be found on the Planning Portal or by contacting your district or borough council. You can also read our advice on minerals and waste development and transport planning.

Find out how our ecological and landscape services carrying out appraisals on numerous projects each year.


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Application for Agreements or Works Licence

Download a form to apply for agreements or works licence under Section 38 and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980.

Standard drawings for vehicular access

Standard drawings published by Development Control including access layout, footways, passing place, car turning place and layout on classified roads.

Estate Road Specification

Roads in residential or industrial developments must meet requirements for materials and workmanship in order to be adopted by Suffolk County Council.

Suffolk Design Guide for Residential Areas

Advising house builders about the design of residential areas in Suffolk including choice of materials, individual dwellings and roads.

Air Quality

Guidelines for local authorities to use when considering the impact of new developments on air quality, and about the air quality management areas in Suffolk.

Parking guidance

2014 Suffolk Guidance for Parking published by Suffolk County Council for parking in new developments and changes to parking in existing developments.

Developer Contributions

Developer contributions are secured to ensure that new development does not put a strain on existing services and facilities

Travel plans

Find information on sustainable travel, school, work place travel plans and requirements for new developments. Also details on Modeshift STARS accreditations.

Planning advice archive

Download archived planning advice and environment reports.

Spatial planning

Spatial planning seeks to integrate land use policies with other important policy objectives to achieve sustainable development.

Riparian ownership in Suffolk

Find out the rights and responsibilities of riparian owners of ditches, streams or other watercourses.

Planning a development in a flood zone

Advice for developers and local authorities about developing on a flood zone.

Neighbourhood planning guidance

Download and read guidance for neighbourhood planning in Suffolk.

Suffolk Design: Streets Guide

Our consultation is for a new Streets Guide, which will assist designing streets for new residential developments especially by promoting walking and cycling.