Traffic management and road safety

Find out how we manage roads and promote road safety using education campaigns, speed limits and signs.

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Road safety

The Suffolk Roadsafe partnership aims to reduce casualties in Suffolk and increase road safety awareness and about driver diversionary courses.

Speed limits

All our current speed limits meet the guidelines set by the Department of Transport. However, you can request a speed limit change through your councillor.

Keep clear and yellow box markings

Road markings help prevent obstruction by waiting or parked vehicles.

Waiting and loading restrictions

Waiting and loading restrictions restrict when vehicles can wait, load and unload, limit the length of stay or prevent waiting altogether.

Speeding in Suffolk

Find out how Suffolk County Council is working with communities to reduce speed.

Apply for directional signing for a tourist destination in Suffolk

How to apply for directional signing to a tourist destination, including the initial costs, the criteria you need to fulfil and an outline of the application.

Traffic signs

Types of traffic signs provided by Suffolk County Council and district or borough councils and how to report a problem with a traffic sign in Suffolk.

Traffic management and traffic calming

Information on how traffic in Suffolk is managed to optimise traffic flow, including our traffic calming measures.

Road Traffic Collision Data and Developer Reports

How to obtain road traffic collision data, including road collision reports for developers.

Report an incident with a heavy goods vehicle

Report online a problem or incident with lorries and their drivers including if they've used unsuitable or narrow roads, routes or villages in Suffolk.

Traffic surveys

Find out how to obtain traffic survey data from us and guidance on completing your own traffic survey.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Find out what a Traffic Regulation Order is and how to access maps for Suffolk.

Mirrors on the road

Why we will not approve the erection of mirrors on roads we maintain.