Report a faulty lit sign or bollard

Report a faulty or obscured lit sign, lit bollard, Belisha beacon or wig wag sign in Suffolk. Find information about when we'll complete the repairs.

Choose from an emergency or non-emergency faulty street light.

Emergency faults

Any of the following issues are emergencies:

  • exposed electrical wires
  • flasher units outside schools not working
  • Belisha beacons at zebra crossings not working
  • damaged bollard signs

For emergencies you should call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 606 6171.

Do not report a problem with lit bollards or signs online if it's on a:

You should contact UK Power Networks helpline on 0800 783 8838 if a street light outside, and the lights in your property, are flickering. This may indicate a problem with the electricity supply, not the street light.

Non-emergency faults

For all other problems it's quicker and easier to report a fault by using our online reporting form.

Using our online form takes about 5 minutes.


Before reporting

To report a lit sign or bollard you'll need the following information:

  • Location of the faulty lit sign or bollard (the parish or town and road name)
  • Unit number (this can be found on a plastic plate attached to the column of the street light)
  • Details of the fault (e.g. light off, damaged sign)
  • Your personal information (name, address, contact details)


After reporting

We aim to repair faulty lit signs and bollards within 2 weeks.

If the fault you report is an emergency, we'll aim to make it safe within 2 hours.

If we find the cause of a faulty light is a problem with the electricity supply we will refer it to the electricity supplier. It'll then become their responsibility to resolve the problem.


Other ways to report

Reporting a non-emergency problem online is quicker and easier. It also saves money, which can be used to improve services.

But you can report a problem by email or phone using the following contact details: