Road Space Booking

How to obtain relevant approvals to occupy the highway.

Application to occupy the highway

For all non-statutory undertakers wishing to occupy the highway, a Road Space Booking application form will need to be submitted.

Examples of Statutory Undertakers:

  • National Highways
  • Utility Company (or carrying works on their behalf)
  • Suffolk County Council works (i.e. Suffolk Highways)

Note:  If your works are in relation to a Street Works Licence for installation of  private apparatus  in the highway (under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991), please visit Street Works Licence New Roads and Street Works Act, 1991 (NRSWA) - Section 50 | Suffolk County Council

What is a Road Space Booking application?

A Road Space Booking application is an essential step to gain approval from a street authority to occupy a public highway – it provides details of:

  • Location
  • Type of work
  • Duration
  • Extent of highway to be occupied
  • Necessary traffic management required
  • Any mitigation measures required
  • Any necessary conditions associated with the works
  • Who will be carrying out the work, and their relevant insurance and accreditation.

This information is then assessed and, if the road space is available, you will receive your Road Space Booking confirmation, this confirmation may include any necessary conditions that you will be required to adhere to whilst carrying out your works. You might be asked to amend your dates, work in collaboration (if possible) and/or provide further information before receiving your confirmation.

Please note: the road space booking confirmation is not an approval for the type of works you plan to carry out, it only gives permission to occupy the highway at a specific time. The relevant permissions regarding your works must be applied for with the appropriate department beforehand i.e. if the road space is being booked to install a dropped kerb; you will first need to apply for the dropped kerb and have approval.

Application Process

Step 1: Complete the Road Space Booking application form

Fill in the below form, ensuring that all boxes marked with an asterisk (*) are completed correctly.

Download the Traffic Management Act form (doc, 91KB).

Before sending in your application, please make sure you have considered and attached the following:

  • A location plan or co-ordinates (Eastings and Northings) of your works area so that the site extents can be correctly plotted.
  • If excavating, evidence, e.g., scans, of qualifications of accredited operative(s), accredited supervisor(s) cards (e.g., Streetworks).
  • Copy of public liability insurance (excavation and non-excavation)
  • If applicable, your letter of approval from the relevant Suffolk County Council department or the email address of your contact. This will help speed the process along. E.g., Dropped kerb approval letter, Minor Works Licence or Section 278 Agreement.
  • Allow for the correct notice period before your proposed start date(s) – please see the table below.

Please note: Any sensitive information provided cannot be held on file and therefore we require you to submit it every time you make a new application. This is due to GDPR legislation and is to comply with statutory requirements.

We do not accept postal applications.

Failure to provide the essential information to make your application may result in delays which in turn could affect your proposed dates.

Once completed please send to:

Dates for Road Space bookings

We strongly recommend that you give as much notice as possible and visit Roadworks in Suffolk | Suffolk County Council, to check for road space availability, when considering the dates for your works.

Minimum notice periods for a road space booking

Works category Duration of works Notice period to Developer Noticing

Minor works notice

Works that will not require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

1-3 days duration 5 working days

Standard works notice

Works that will not require a TTRO

4-10 days duration 13 working days
Major works notice

Works with a duration of 11 days or more


Works of any duration that will require a TTRO

3 months (a shorter notice period may be agreed in some circumstances)

Please note: Dates are subject to co-ordination approval and the requested dates may not be possible due to other planned works in the vicinity. Suffolk County Council reserves the right to request changes to the dates of works once booked to avoid conflict on the highway network.

Temporary Road closure or restriction

If you will require a road closure or other temporary traffic restriction, you will need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. In addition to the TTRO, it is a requirement to also book the road space as per the above. If you do not have a valid road space booking your TTRO application may not be processed.

To apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order or a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (in the case of immediate urgent/emergency works) please visit Apply for a temporary road closure or restriction | Suffolk County Council

Step 2: Await Network Assurance team approval

At this point, the Developer Noticing Team will process the application and await a response from Network Assurance. The Network Assurance Team manages Suffolk’s highway network and co-ordinates all street and road works within the county.

Please keep an eye on your email just in case we need to gain more information/liaise with you further.

Step 3: Receive your road space booking details

Once granted, your road space booking confirmation will be sent to you. It is only at this point that you are permitted to work on the highway, and you are subject to complying with any conditions that may be required by Network Assurance.

If you need to make amendments to the application after it has been granted this is classed as a variation and may be subject to fees.

Step 4: Works start and stop

You must tell us when your works commence and when they end (these must be the dates as agreed on your road space booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed).

You are required to notify us within 2 hours of works commencement and works completion. This can be done through a simple email to using the reference number supplied in your road space booking confirmation.

Delays and extensions

If there is any delay in starting your works on the agreed date you must contact us at the earliest opportunity – Note that a delayed start does not mean that you will be able to work past the agreed end date.

Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and contact must be made with us as soon as possible, quoting the works reference and the reason for your request.