Parking on pavements and verges

How we reduce parking on pavements and verges to maintain the safety of public highways.

No one has a legal right to park on a public road or outside a property. 

Drivers must ensure that they are not causing an obstruction to other road users. Leave driveways and pedestrian dropped kerbs clear. 

Report a problem or obstruction

You can report vehicles which are:

  • parked on the pavement or verge
  • dangerous or causing an obstruction, e.g. restricting access or causing visibility problems for other road users

Please contact Suffolk Police to report a problem. 

Types of parking restrictions

We may put in waiting or loading restrictions if parked cars or vehicles loading and unloading obstruct other traffic on a regular basis.

Waiting or loading restrictions can include:

  • yellow lines
  • kerb markings
  • signs showing the extent of the restrictions

Find out more about waiting and loading restrictions.

When you can drive on a pavement

Driving on a pavement is illegal unless:

  • accessing/exiting properties via a dropped kerb
  • specifically signed bays are provided
  • specific signs allow it

When you can park on a grass verge or pavement

It's not an offence to park a motor vehicle (other than a heavy goods vehicle or 'HGV') on a grass verge or pavement unless:

  • it causes an obstruction
  • a local by-law is in force prohibiting it
  • there are waiting restrictions on the road (which also apply to the highway verge)

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