Apply to move abnormal loads

You must get consent from us to drive a vehicle carrying an abnormal load, which is excessively long, wide or heavy, through Suffolk.

You must check the Suffolk Police guidance before you plan your route and notify them using the details on their site.

If your route uses a trunk road you will also need to contact Highways England for permission.

You must provide an indemnity to the highway authority for any vehicle over 44 tonnes.

Email the completed notice form to

Download the form


Before you apply

The regulations regarding the movement of abnormal loads are contained in The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003.

Abnormal load vehicles exceed one or more of the following:

  • 18.75 metres long
  • 2.9 metres wide
  • 44 tonnes total weight
  • an axle load of 11.5 tonnes

To complete this form you will need to know the:

  • time and date of the journey
  • address you are leaving from, going to, and your route
  • type of vehicle and registration number
  • vehicles dimensions, including axle weight, spacing and wheels per axle
  • load profile and description

We need notice of your intention to travel if your load is:

  • over 44 tonnes – two clear days notification
  • over 80 tonnes – five clear days notification 

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