Open Data Suffolk

Find free data about Suffolk and the Council available to the general public and organisations.. The data can be viewed by clicking on the themed icons below

Front page 12 4 17Open data is information made available in accordance with the terms of the Open Government Licence. For more information please contact Paul Emeny on 01473 264510 or

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Council data and transparency

Data on the council's expenditure, resources, structure and salary scales.

Education and Skills Open Data

Open Data about education and skills.

Data about Suffolk and its people

Local and national statistics and reports about Suffolk.

Health and Wellbeing Open Data

Open Data about health and wellbeing.

Community Safety Open Data

Open Data about protecting people and safety, such as fire incidents, crime and road safety.

Highways and Travel Open Data

Open Data about highways and travel.

Environmental Open Data

Open Data about the environment and waste management.

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