Academies, free schools and open competitions

Find out about academies and free schools in Suffolk, including open competitions for new free schools.

Suffolk County Council has a responsibility to ensure that all children in Suffolk have access to a good school that can make the best of their talents.


  1. Support parental choice both to help children find the school that best suits their needs as well as to develop the local school system as a whole.
  2. Will work to a presumption of support for the creation of academies and free schools, actively managing their introduction into the existing system of schools.



Parents and carers have asked for some help when schools consult them on proposals to become an academy.

We suggest that parents look at the Department of Education guidance for schools converting to an academy.

Free Schools

A free school is set up by an organisation or group of individuals that are not controlled by the local authority and is funded by the government.

GOV.UK provides information and guidance about the establishment of free schools.

Open Competitions

There are currently no open competitions.

Closed Competitions

For details on closed competitions where Suffolk County Council were seeking a sponsor for a new school, please visit Education and Learning Infrastructure Plan for more information.