Positive Choices service

Learn about Positive Choices, which supports anyone who has had a child or children removed from their care and are at risk of having further children removed.

Positive Choices is a Suffolk County Council, county-wide service. We support both women and men to take more control of their lives, prevent further pregnancy and assist them in resolving their difficulties.

Parents who meet the team’s criteria would have had one child removed within the last two years and have expressed a wish for support, and for their lives to be different.

What support do we offer?

  • We offer long-term, one-to-one support and a pragmatic client-led ‘at their own pace’ approach.
  • We support parents to address the underlying reasons why their child was removed.
  • We consider the concerns together and offer support to develop an understanding of all elements of parenting from the abstract to the practical.
  • We support parents to take time for themselves, and encourage them to explore their hopes and aspirations for the future.
  • We offer parents support to address their health, housing, work, education and other personal and practical needs.
  • We support parents in accessing other services, such as post-adoption counselling.
  • We encourage and support the women we are working with to access long term reversible conception (LARC) and take a pause from further pregnancies, in order to allow time to address the underlying reasons their child was removed from their care.

The team’s role is not to support parents to regain the care of their child, but a service for parents in their own right.

If you are working with an adult who you think they would benefit from the work of the team, or would like more information please call Ruth on 07917 638038 or Roberta on 07864 614997 or email positivechoices@suffolk.gov.uk.

You can also submit a referral form (Word, 100KB).