Apply for a child performance licence

Apply for a child performance for school age children, what you'll need to apply and who should apply for child performance licence in Suffolk.

Children who take part in a performance and haven't reached the school leaving age may need a licence to perform.

Performances include:

  • recorded or broadcast productions
  • theatre productions
  • modelling assignments
  • professional sporting activities
Download the application form

Before you apply

A licence is needed when the:

  • child will need to miss school
  • audience has to pay an admission charge or the child is paid
  • child works more than 4 days in a 6 month period
  • child is employed in sporting activities and/or modelling work
  • performance is not covered by a body of persons licence 

Further information

Download the Suffolk Byelaws on the Employment of Children 1998 (PDF, 30KB).

What to include

You will need to include:

  • the child’s birth certificate
  • two identical passport photographs taken within six months of the date of the application
  • a copy of the contract or other documents regulating the activity or performance
  • Headteachers declaration (Word, 17KB) if the child will need to miss school

Who should apply

The person who must apply is someone:

  • responsible for organising the sporting event
  • who engages the child as a model
  • responsible for the production

Contact us

Telephone: Child Employment office on 01473 265195


Child Employment Office
Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road