Children's rights for children and young people in care

Rights for children and young people in care and care leavers, advocacy support for children in care and Suffolk's Promise to children in care.

There are many people in Children and Young People's Services who support children and young people who are in care or are care leavers, to ensure that they have their say in all matters affecting their lives.

If you would like to talk to someone about your rights as a child in care or as a care leaver, you can contact the Engagement Hub between 10am and 4pm on 0800 917 1119.

Participation - have your say about care services

There are two groups helping children and young people have their say about their care services.

Brighter Futures

An activity group for children in care, up to 12 to give their views while having fun.

The Children in Care Council (C2C) 

Looked-after children and care leavers can give their views, have their say, challenge and even change the way local authorities run children's services and children's lives.

To get involved with Brighter Futures or the C2C, contact the Engagement Hub in Children and Young People's Services on 0800 917 1119 (staff are available between 10am to 4pm)

Suffolk's promise to children in care

The Government has asked children’s services across the country to make a promise to all young people in care.

Our promises make sure that you're cared for and helped to achieve at school or college.

First launched in 2008, Suffolk’s Promise has recently been reviewed by C2C, Suffolk’s Children in Care Council and there is now a new look promise for different age groups:

Download the:

We promise

  1. We will find a home for you where you are safe, well cared for and can be happy
  2. We will help you see your family, friends and other people who are important to you
  3. You will have a Social Worker and you will know their name and how to contact them
  4. We will listen to you and talk to you about all the important things in your life
  5. We will make a plan with you about how best to look after you
  6. We will help you to do the things that you like and be the best you can be
  7. If you have any problems or worries we will work hard to sort them out with you
  8. We will help you to do your very best at school
  9. We will help you to be as healthy, well and happy as you can be
  10. We will only tell people things about you if they need to know them to look after you properly

Are the promises not being kept for you?

If you feel the promises aren't being kept, contact the Engagement Hub on 0800 917 1119 (staff are available between 10am to 4pm)

Advocacy - get your voice heard

Helping young people to stand up for themselves and make their voices heard.

In Suffolk there are two organisations who provide independent advocates and work with children, young people and care leavers on an individual basis.

Anglia Care Trust (ACT)

Are you aged 24 or under and have a social worker or young person's adviser?

ACT can support you to speak up:

  • at review meetings
  • at child protection conferences (if you are over 12)
  • if you want to make a complaint or have a concern

If you would like an advocate to support you with a particular area of your life to ensure your views are heard, contact the ACT Helpline number on 0800 977 5681

ACT referral and advocacy forms

Access Unlimited Advocacy

Are you under 18 and have a disability? Do you want help to have your say?

Call Access Unlimited Advocacy on 01473 260026 or email

Support for children and young people in care

Looked after children, young people or a care leaver can find further information and support about children's rights on The Source website.