Suffolk Advertising Service

Cost-effective advertising service including copywriting and design for council services, schools, charities, public and related sectors in Suffolk.

We can help with advertising for:

  • recruitment
  • promotional activity
  • public notices

Our customers include:

  • local government services
  • schools
  • the public sector and related organisations
  • charities
  • not for profit organisations in Suffolk

We offer:

  • vacancy advertising on Suffolk Jobs Direct targeting over 82,000 registered applicants
  • access to online, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor or bus advertising
  • advert booking and price negotiation
  • creative copywriting, editing, proofreading and advert design
  • planning and advice on media and where to publish to get the most effective coverage
  • attractive discounts with a range of local and national publications helping you get value for your money

Contact us

Call us on 01473 265442, available Monday to Friday, 8:30pm to 5pm, or email