We will help you to meet your business requirements, an example being licence applications.

What is in the section

Business Services

Giving information and support to Suffolk businesses

  1. Age Restricted Products
  2. Animal Health and Welfare
  3. Archaeological Services
  4. Better Broadband for Suffolk
  5. Business Continuity Management
  6. Corporate property and utilities services
  7. Economic Development
  8. Environment and Resource Efficiency
  9. Environmental Claims Advice
  10. Farm Shop Charter
  11. Food Standards For Businesses
  12. Stores service
  13. Suffolk Advertising
  14. Suffolk County Farms
  15. Business Advice
  16. Business to Business Services
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Invest in Suffolk

Suffolk: The bright choice for your business

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Licences and business registration

You are able to apply for licences and registrations for business and social activities

  1. Animal Feed
  2. Explosive Licence
  3. Festive decorations on the highway
  4. Fireworks Licence
  5. Highway licences
  6. Performing Animal Licence
  7. Petroleum Licences
  8. Non Medicinal Poisons Licence
  9. Safety at Sports Grounds
  10. Scaffold licences
  11. Skip licences
  12. Weighbridge Operator
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Norfolk and Suffolk Growth Hub

The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NA LEP) is establishing a Norfolk and Suffolk Growth Hub with finance from the Regional Growth Fund.

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Planning and Design Advice

The following pages outline guidance relevant for the whole county.

  1. Planning Obligations
  2. Suffolk Advisory Parking Standards
  3. Suffolk County Council Estate Road Specification
  4. Suffolk Design Guide for Residential Areas
  5. Suffolk Manual
  6. Supplementary Guidance: Air Quality Management and New Development 2011
  7. Travel Plans for new development
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Planning and Design Advice

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Supplying Us

Find out how to win business with us and about the policies and procedures that you may have to comply with.

  1. How our tender processes work
  2. Supply opportunities
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