Citizenship ceremonies

If your citizenship application is successful you will need to attend a Citizenship Ceremony to be presented with your certificate of naturalisation.

You have to attend a Citizenship within 3 months of your notification of citizenship from the Home Office.

Booking a place

To book a Citizenship Ceremony please contact the Suffolk Citizenship Officer on 0345 607 2050 or email The attendees' list will be closed 2 weeks before the ceremony date.

Citizenship Ceremonies are held at different register offices in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft and Sudbury throughout the year. Upcoming dates are listed below and all ceremonies commence at 10:30am unless otherwise stated.

The locations and contact details for our offices are available on our Suffolk Register Offices contact list.

You will be allowed a restricted number of guests depending on the space available.

14 November 2018 10:30am Ipswich
28 November 2018 10:30am Sudbury
12 December 2018 10:30am Ipswich
19 December 2018 10:30am Lowestoft
9 January 2019 10:30am Ipswich
23 January 2019 10:30am Sudbury
13 February 2019 10:30am Ipswich
27 February 2019 10:30am Sudbury
13 March 2019 10:30am Ipswich
27 March 2019 10:30am Ipswich
10 April 2019 10:30am Ipswich
24 April 2019 10:30am Sudbury
8 May 2019 10:30am Ipswich
22 May 2019 10:30am Sudbury
12 June 2019 10:30am Ipswich
24 June 2019 10:30am Lowestoft
10 July 2019 10:30am Ipswich
24 July 2019 10:30am Sudbury
14 August 2019 10:30am Ipswich
28 August 2019 10:30am Sudbury
11 September 2019 10:30am Ipswich
23 September 2019 10:30am Lowestoft
9 October 2019 10:30am Ipswich
23 October 2019 10:30am Sudbury
13 November 2019 10:30am Ipswich
27 November 2019 10:30am Sudbury
4 December 2019 10:30am Ipswich
16 December 2019 10:30am Lowestoft

The ceremony

The ceremony takes about an hour. It begins with a welcoming speech by the Superintendent Registrar and a local dignitary. 

You will then need to make an oath/affirmation to Her Majesty the Queen and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.

After this you will be presented with a citizenship pack.

It may be possible to purchase a souvenir photograph of your presentation.

Private ceremonies

You can organise for a private ceremony to be held at one of our Suffolk Registration Offices.

The costs of a private ceremony are an additional:

  • £130 for one person (rising to £140 after 1 April 2019)
  • £200 for a couple
  • free for under 18's

More information

You can find out more about British Citizenship, and how you apply for it, on GOV.UK.

Contact the Suffolk Citizenship Officer on 01473 292777 or email for more information.