Make a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request

The Freedom of Information Act gives everyone the right to request written or recorded information held by Suffolk County Council.

The Environmental Information Regulations Act 2004 (EIR) allows access to information about the environment, including water, air quality and details of animal and plant life in Suffolk.

Data protection provides access to information held by Suffolk County Council that constitutes personal information covered by the Data Protection Act. Find out how to contact the data protection team.

Before you start

If you'd like information from previous FOI and EIR requests, please email with outline of subject and time period if possible. Requests for information can be made by email or in writing.

I want to find out some information

Suffolk County Council commits to make the following classes of information available through our Publication Scheme:

  • who we are and what we do
  • financial information
  • what our priorities are and how we are doing
  • how we make decisions
  • our policies and procedures
  • lists and registers
  • the services we offer

All of this information can be found on our website via the following routes:

1. Information about services provided by Suffolk County Council is available on this website.

You may find the search facility at the top of the page useful. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on our website, then please use the contact us page.

2. Suffolk County Council is not responsible for every service in Suffolk.

The district and borough councils run many services within Suffolk, including:

  • bin or refuse collections and brown bins
  • council tax payment, homes and housing rent
  • parking fines and permits
  • planning applications
  • swimming pools, parks and leisure centres
  • abandoned animals, such as stray cats or dogs

After you have made your request

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an acknowledgement.

We will then endeavour to answer your request within 20 working days. In certain circumstances, we are allowed to take longer to respond.

Some information may be withheld to protect various interests. This is allowed under the terms of the FOI and EIR Acts. If we withhold information for these reasons, we will let you know why.

For more information about what you can expect from us visit the Information Commissioner's website.

Submit an FOI request

Please contact us if you would like to make a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

When submitting a request:

  • ensure you submit your request in writing or email, as this is a requirement of the FOI Act 2000
  • include your name and email or home address for correspondence 
  • be as clear and specific as you can, avoiding the use of jargon

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