Michael, mechanic and on-call firefighter

Michael's story as an on-call firefighter for Debenham since June 1988.

Michael on call firefighter

"It’s a spirit of comradeship, everyone in the crew is looking out for each other and the community"

"A retired on-call firefighter, who was also headmaster at my school, thought I would make a good firefighter.

"Wearing a pager becomes routine and you get used to just stopping what you are doing and changing your mindset.

You don’t know what the incident is until you read the instructions from fire control – it’s the unknown that keeps me interested.

"When my pager goes off, it means someone is in trouble, therefore I could say the best part of the job is being at home as this means that people in the community of Debenham are safe."

Download on-call recruitment welcome pack (PDF 962KB)