Equality and fairness at work

Striving to eliminate all forms of unfair treatment and discrimination.

We recognise that certain groups in society are still more likely to suffer from unfair treatment and discrimination. We, therefore, continue to strive to eliminate all forms of unfair treatment and discrimination, and are committed to the continued development of a working culture in which fair treatment of all is the norm.

We aim to set and to achieve high standards; to learn and improve continuously, and to work co-operatively.

We believe in openness, honesty and integrity; in responsibility and accountability; in mutual trust and respect, and in valuing diversity in our role both as an employer and as a public service provider.

We recognise the value that a diverse workforce and the importance of gender equality can bring to our organisation.

‘Gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it is an issue for all’ United Nations. HeForShe We are very proud to have committed to the HeForShe United Nations Gender Equality Movement.

‘Diversity and the collective intelligence it brings to organisations is the key to our success. HeForShe plays a really important part in that.’ Chief Fire Officer, Mark Hardingham.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service HeForShe Pledge film

We will seek to create an environment that maximises everyone's talents, to meet the needs of the organisation and those of the communities it serves.

We uphold the principle that all employees have both rights and responsibilities; these must be clearly understood and integrated into all aspects of our work in order that all employees are enabled to make their distinctive contribution to the service.

In dealing with each other and with the public, all employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in keeping with our policy on equality and fairness and related standards.

All managers are expected to take positive steps to ensure this by exercising appropriate leadership through the challenging of all forms of prejudice and unfair discrimination, and by being positive role models.

To achieve this, we will take steps to:

  • encourage diversity and eliminate unfair treatment and discrimination through the full range of personnel and management procedures, in particular in the areas of recruitment, selection, assessment, development and promotion, and through its service delivery;
  • encourage and equip staff to welcome diversity and to respect the rights and contributions of others; and
  • measure progress by maintaining management information systems, and by talking to staff and trade unions, service users and partners about their views on the performance of the service. We will utilise such feedback to improve the service.