Working for Suffolk Fire and Rescue

How to apply to be firefighter with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

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Firefighter application process

Step by step guide on how to apply, including the different tests and on-site training that you'll need to complete.

Apply to be a wholetime firefighter

See what personal attributes you need for the role of a wholetime firefighter and when you can apply.

Apply to be an on-call firefighter

Check when you can apply to become a on-call firefighter and find out about each step of the recruitment process.

Firefighter tests for new applicants

Check what fitness, practical and written tests you'd need to take if you apply to become a firefighter.

Serving firefighters: their stories

Meet wholetime and on-call firefighters working in Suffolk and get a taste of their role in fire and rescue.

Community Fire Volunteer

How to volunteer in your community as a Community Fire Volunteer to share fire safety advice with residents and businesses.

Non-operational roles in fire and rescue

Learn about other careers and jobs with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service working in non-operational roles.

Equality and fairness at work

Striving to eliminate all forms of unfair treatment and discrimination.