Road safety initiatives

How to take part on the Biker Down Course and The FireBike Project aimed at reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on Suffolk's roads.


Brake Road Safety week: 21 to 27 November 2016

We work with the Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership Board to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Suffolk’s roads by offering targeted education to young drivers and school children, as they are most at risk on our roads.

Our School Fire Liaison Officers offer assistance with this important work.

Road safety for motorcyclists

We attend an increasing number of road traffic collisions involving motorcycles and scooters, were riders have been trapped, seriously injured, or killed. We want to reduce these numbers.

The FireBike Project

Our FireBike team attends events and biker gatherings throughout Suffolk and the Eastern Region, to talk to riders about road safety.

The team engages with motorcyclists, discussing aspects of motorcycling, including:

  • safer attitudes
  • road craft
  • advanced skills options
  • safer clothing
  • bike maintenance

Pit Stop events are also held, where riders can stop off from their journey and talk about the risks they face on the road.

Biker Down training course

bikerdown logoAs bikers tend to ride in groups or pairs, it is usually the case that when one is involved in an incident, the first person on the scene will be a fellow biker.

Biker Down is a free awareness raising course for bikers, and consists of 3 modules:

  • Incident scene management
    A presentation about on-scene management and personal safety for bikers discovering a crash involving a fellow biker.
  • Casualty care
    Instructors from the FireBike team with motorcycle first aid specific expertise cover trauma and mechanism of injury, including snatch rescues, basic life support, CPR, managing spinal injuries and crash helmet removal.
  • The science of being seen
    Instruction and advice from the FireBike team on being conspicuous. As well as discussing phenomena such as 'motion camouflage' and 'looming', including tips on what you can do to be seen, without the need to cover yourself in luminous yellow.

We offer this course to all bikers, of all standards and experience.

Biker Down training course dates

We currently don't have any courses planned.

Our Biker Down course is for groups only; but on some occasions we have allowed individuals to book.

The courses usually take place in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Lowestoft.

 Find out more

For more information and to book a Biker Down course, contact the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Prevention Team: