School Fire Liaison Officer (SFLO)

Learn about our School Fire Liaison Officers who raise awareness of fire safety issues and the consequences of anti-social behaviour to young people in Suffolk.

School Fire Liaison Officers are working in a growing number of high schools and colleges in Suffolk. 

Through mentoring and curriculum support activities SFLOs aim to promote:

  • safe behaviour and reduce the risk of arson attacks within school and the community 
  • community responsibility and reduce anti social behaviour (e.g. prank calls to emergency services)
  • road safety and reduce road traffic collisions with young people involved
  • enhanced links with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, including tailored youth engagement schemes and activities where possible

Mentoring support

The SFLO also works directly with pupils identified by staff to mentor them about the importance of fire safety. 

Curriculum support activities

The SFLO works directly with schools to deliver fire safety messages and support the wider school curriculum and PSHE activities, this includes:

  • home safety
  • road safety/vehicle related ASB
  • arson and malicious calls
  • health (Healthy Ambitions)
  • community inclusion
  • effective communication
  • linking education to employment opportunities