Suffolk Fire and Rescue statistical reports

We use a range of different statistics created by us and other bodies to measure how we are performing and compare it to other fire services.

We use statistics to find areas of improvement, set our priorities as a fire service and check the quality of service we provide.

We use internal fire station and health and safety audits to make sure we meet our legal requirements and organisational policies. Your complaints and feedback are also used to judge our performance

Data and statistics

We use various reports and sources of data to measure performance. We've explained what they are and where you can find them below, so you can see how we are doing for yourself.

Speed of response

This measures how long we take to respond to 999 calls. It is measured from when our firefighters are first alerted of an incident up to the time when they arrive there. This is available on our Emergency Response Standards page.

Statistics on response times by fire and rescue services in England and severity of fires can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Fire statistics

These are statistics on the number of fires and fatalities, listed by fire authority, across the UK. They are collected and published by The Home Office annually. 

Download the: