Upper Orwell Crossings appendices

List of appendices documents for the Upper Orwell Crossings proposals.

TUOC + Strap

Please note:

The Outline Business Case represents an early stage in the development of a scheme and assessments are necessarily high level. In order to undertake assessments, however, preliminary locations of the bridges have to be assumed and in this case Bridge A was assumed to be accessed via Bath Street on the west bank and Toller Road on the east bank. Bridge B was assumed to be accessed via Felaw Street on the west bank.

These access points however are not confirmed as the ones that will be taken forward through to construction. Significant works needs to be done to understand better the various factors that will influence the access points, including environmental surveys, ground conditions, traffic modelling, land use and importantly consultation with the public and landowners.

As such the bridge alignments referred to in the Outline Business Case should be viewed very much as options and not necessarily preferred. Preferred alignments will be published at the next stage of public consultation programmed for summer 2017.

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