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Lake Lothing Third Crossing

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Proposal status

In March 2016, we received a provisional funding agreement of approximately £73m from the Department for Transport for the Lake Lothing Third Crossing project.

This funding would cover the majority of the construction works required to deliver the crossings. Additional contributions will be required to fund the project.

Whilst the general location has been decided, further investigations are needed to fix the exact location and alignment in order to minimise impacts and get the best bridge design.

There will be a round of formal consultation in 2017 prior to the submission of a planning application to the Secretary of State for Transport for the crossing.

Subject to the planning application approval, construction could start in 2019/20 and would take two to three years to build.


In 2015, Suffolk County Council was given funding to develop an outline business case, and appointed consultants, Kier and Mouchel, to identify and assess a number of ways of improving north south connections across Lake Lothing.

A comprehensive and robust option selection process was adopted to generate and assess options for the scheme, leading to the clear identification of a preferred option.

In the preparation of the outline business case three locations were considered (east, west and central), as well as tunnels and a lock/barrage.

The preferred scheme is the Central Bridge option.


  • is the least expensive of the short-listed options
  • produces the highest benefits
  • is most likely to deliver the objectives
  • has a high level of public and business support

The Lake Lothing Third Crossing would link from the A12 via Waveney Drive on the south side, to Denmark Road and Peto Way on the north side of Lake Lothing.

Project objectives


  • Open up opportunities for regeneration and development in Lowestoft
  • Provide the capacity needed to accommodate planned growth
  • Reduce community severance between north and south Lowestoft
  • Reduce congestion and delay on the existing bridges over Lake Lothing
  • Reduce congestion in the town centre and improve accessibility
  • Encourage more people to walk and cycle, and reduce conflict between cycles, pedestrians and other traffic
  • Improve bus journey times and reliability
  • To reduce accidents

Locations Considered:

Lowestoft third bridge locations considered - Image

The benefits

Cost: £91.73 million.




£428 million


£15 million

Active mode

£8.5 million


£80 million

Every £1 spent would result in £8 of economic benefit.

Traffic benefits Economic benefits

Overall journey time savings

(people spending less time in their car and travelling fewer miles)

More business in the area

Reduced travel costs

More jobs for skilled workers in the area

Improved accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists

Improved business productivity due to reduced journey times


The regeneration of the underused land

Managing the impact

Any significant infrastructure project has both positive and negative impacts.

We are committed to working closely with residents, businesses and local communities to understand what is important to those who may be affected. We want to maximise positive and minimise negative effects on people and the environment.

The crossings would significantly reduce journey times across the town. However, based on the work already carried out it is likely there would be an increase in traffic on some local roads.

Minimising the effects of increased traffic on local roads is a key element of the project.

LL3X bridge deck view with new control tower design - Image

ll3x open bridge v4 - Image

LLTC bridge deck - Image

LLTC bridge - Image

LLTC closed bridge v4 - Image

LLTC cover - Image

LLTC open bridge v4 - Image

LLTC view - Image

LLTC visual 1 - Image


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Outline Business Case appendices

Suffolk County Council is both the promoter of the Lake Lothing Third Crossing (“the Promoter”) and is also a relevant Local Authority and statutory consultee to the project (“the Local Authority”).

Governance arrangements have been put into place to ensure that the functions, decision-making and officers of the County Council, acting in these two capacities, are kept separate and distinct, and to ensure the proper management of information held by the County Council.

These arrangements will be reviewed as necessary during the project and will continue until all requirements of any Development Consent Order that may be made by the Secretary of State in respect of the project have been discharged.

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