Lake Lothing Crossing message from Councillor Matthew Hicks

Message from Councillor Matthew Hicks, Leader of The Council about the Lake Lothing Crossing proposal.

Third Crossing logo 

Some people in Lowestoft have doubted whether they would ever see the much-needed Third Crossing. But the acceptance of our application for a development consent order by the Planning Inspectorate brings the reality one step closer.

Suffolk County Council is committed to delivering this project, which will reduce congestion in the town and connect the north and south of Lowestoft. With this crossing, the road network will be able to operate more efficiently, and the iconic design of the bridge presents the opportunity to introduce a new focal point for the town, enhancing its identity.

The construction of the Lake Lothing Third Crossing will be a signal to the businesses in the region that Lowestoft is open and ready for business. It will also help to regenerate the area and attract new investment for the local economy.

The existing bridges over the lake at Mutford Lock and the Bascule Bridge are important, yet inadequate. The congestion and delays in the town that currently exist cannot go on. While there have been improvements to local roads in recent years, the third crossing remains a crucial missing link.

If we are serious about bringing the growth and regeneration that Lowestoft deserves, we must bring an end to the often long and difficult journeys across the town. These are faced too frequently by all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Once we receive final approval from the Secretary of State, we will build this bridge.

Councillor Matthew Hicks
Leader of Suffolk County Council