Lake Lothing Crossing message from Councillor Guy McGregor

Message from Councillor Guy McGregor, Member with Responsibility for Outside Bodies about the Lake Lothing Crossing proposal.

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Suffolk County Council, as the relevant Highway Authority, will lead the delivery of the Third Crossing and it is my responsibility to make sure this happens in time and within budget.

I was absolutely delighted when David Cameron MP, the former Prime Minister, announced his support for a Lake Lothing Third Crossing in 2015. The county council moved quickly and we submitted the outline business case to the Government by Christmas 2015.

In spring 2016 Central Government confirmed we would receive a £73.39m grant to build the bridge, following successful planning and a final business case. As soon as we secured the confirmation a report went to Suffolk County Council Cabinet and the funds were allocated to take the bridge through the planning process and develop the bridge design.

As we roll out this exciting new bridge project I will be working with Peter Aldous MP and Councillor Colin Law, Leader of Waveney District Council, to make sure the community knows exactly what is happening. We have got this far by working in close partnership with Waveney District Council, Central Government, local businesses and members of the public with an interest in Lowestoft’s future.

I will of course make sure that we also work closely with the port, the much needed flood defence project, Network Rail and Highways England, who are responsible for the existing Bascule bridge.

Peter Aldous MP has agreed to chair a regular meeting with key partners in Lowestoft and I will be there with my team of senior officers so we understand the concerns of Lowestoft’s residents at every stage.

I know you are all keen to see the bridge built and some of you have asked about the potential impact of BREXIT. Peter Aldous MP has reassured us all that the Government funding is firmly committed subject to a successful planning application and the business case continuing to show high value for money.

Councillor Guy McGregor
Member with Responsibility for Outside Bodies