Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Suffolk County Council's proposals for a new crossing of Lake Lothing in Lowestoft, between the existing Bascule Bridge and Mutford Lock Bridge.

gull wing lowestoft

Introducing the Gull Wing

The Gull Wing will link from Waveney Drive on the south side, to Denmark Road and Peto Way on the north side of Lake Lothing. 

It will be a lifting bridge to enable tall vessels to pass through. It will also be higher than the existing bascule bridge so a large number of boats can pass underneath without the need to lift.



Secretary of State's decision

On 30 April 2020, the Secretary of State for Transport decided under section 114 of the Planning Act 2008 to make an Order granting development consent for the Lake Lothing Third Crossing. The Order comes in to force on 21 May 2020. Read the Secretary of State's decision and related documents here

Discharge of Lake Lothing Third Crossing Requirements
The Lake Lothing (Lowestoft) Third Crossing Order 2020 is subject to a series of ‘Requirements’ set out in Schedule 2 to the Order. Requirements are akin to planning conditions.


Key milestones



Summer 2023

Gull Wing scheduled to open

Spring 2021

Construction scheduled to begin

Late 2020

Farrans construction contract to begin

August 2020

Budget approved by SCC Cabinet / Gull Wing name announced

April 2020

Secretary of State DCO approval

June 2019

DCO Examination period ends

December 2018

DCO Examination period begins

August 2018

Planning application accepted

Autumn 2017

Public consultation

March 2016

Conditional DfT funding granted

December 2015

Outline Business Case submitted

Contact details

Email or call 0345 606 6171 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm).

Lake Lothing Third Crossing information

Lake Lothing Third Crossing plans and updates

Images, updates and background information for residents and businesses about the Lake Lothing Third Crossing proposals.

Lake Lothing Third Crossing Key Stakeholder Group

Agendas and minutes relating to the Lake Lothing Third Crossing proposal.

Lake Lothing Third Crossing development consent order process

Each stage of the development consent order process starting on 5 December 2018.

Lake Lothing Crossing message from Councillor Matthew Hicks

Message from Councillor Matthew Hicks, Leader of The Council about the Lake Lothing Crossing proposal.

Secretary of State's Decision on Lake Lothing Third Crossing

Secretary of State's Decision and related documents on Lake Lothing Third Crossing.