A140 Eye Airfield junction improvements

The works will improve journey time reliability, road safety and access to the Eye Airfield Development Area.

The improvements include:

  • two new roundabout junctions on the A140 at Castleton Way and south of Rectory Road
  • a link road through to B1077
  • restricted movements at the A140/B1077 junction: prohibit right turns in and out
  • closure of the A140/Rectory Road junction

Download a map showing details of the proposed A140 airfield junction improvements (PDF, 873KB).

The aims are to:

  • improve journey time reliability
  • improve road safety: there are accident clusters at A140/B1077 and A140/Rectory Road – reducing use and prohibiting movements will improve road safety here. Minimising number of priority accesses along the stretch will also reduce the risk of collisions
  • enable development on Eye Airfield

See illustrations of the proposed junction improvements:

North Roundabout

North Roundabout opened to traffic 28 February 2021

Link road and cycleway/ footway between the new Northern Roundabout and B1077 opened to traffic on Saturday 20 March 2021.

Download image of North Roundabout and Link Road (JPG, 450KB).

Download image of the new Link Road leading to the North Roundabout (JPG, 530KB).

South Roundabout

South Roundabout opened to traffic 28 March 2021 after a weekend closure of the A140 to allow tie-in works to be completed between the existing A140 and the new roundabout and also Castleton Way. Following all the kerbing, surfacing and footway works being completed during March.

Eye Road Yaxley remains closed whilst tie-in works are being carried out across the redundant section of the A140.

Download image of the South Roundabout (JPG, 500KB).

Other Improvements

Works have commenced to permanently close the A140/ Rectory Road junction.

Works to prohibit the right turn movements at the A140/ old B1077 junction are planned to start after Easter.

North Roundabout and Link Road

  • First 3 lower layers of surfacing to the carriageway have been laid, just the final surface course to lay
  • Footway works have commenced
  • Sign installation has commenced
  • Preparation for carrying out tie-in works between new road and existing has commenced

Download image of North Roundabout (JPG 246KB).

South Roundabout

  • Sub-base laid around the roundabout
  • Kerb laying well under way
  • First layer of surfacing laid along the revised alignment of Castleton Way

Download image of South Roundabout (JPG, 232KB).

North roundabout and link road

  • Majority of the main earthworks are complete
  • Preparation works for surfacing such as kerbing are nearing completion
  • Drainage works are nearly complete
  • Acoustic fence completed around Four Oaks Park
  • Surfacing due to commence next month, weather dependent

South roundabout

  • Main earthworks constructing the embankment nearly complete
  • Drainage nearly complete
  • The preparation works for surfacing are due to commence later this month, weather dependent

Interserve Construction has now begun work on the scheme.

The archaeology work on the northern roundabout was completed at the end of May. No significant finds were uncovered.

Other work taking place at the northern roundabout is top soiling strips of the arms of the roundabout and the link road to the B1077. Work has also begun on preparing and testing the acoustic fence adjacent to the Four Oaks residential park.

At the southern roundabout work prepping has begun for earthworks.

The effect of the COVID-19 lockdown will delay the completion of the scheme. The contractor has produced a draft revised programme that shows completion of the roundabouts and link roads in November 2020 and total completion of the scheme in February 2021.

Interserve Construction Ltd has been appointed as the main contractor.

Tree clearance was completed at the end of February 2020.

Archaeological works began on Monday 20 April at the northern roundabout and should take approximately 4 weeks depending upon the level of finds.

All works are currently being carried out adhering to social distancing guidelines for COVID19.

The following preparation works are taking place between September 2019 and March 2020:

  • Erection of acoustic fencing around Four Oaks
  • Diversions of electric and BT apparatus
  • Archaeology investigation
  • Site clearance including removal of hedges and trees before bird nesting season

Main improvements works will take place between March 2020 and September 2020:

  • Construction of roundabout and link road from the B1077
  • Construction of roundabout at Yaxley crossroads
  • Removal of right turns from existing B1077 /A140 junction
  • Closure of A140/Rectory Road junction

Main construction works will now start Spring 2020 to avoid carrying out earthworks during the poor weather and limited day light hours period. The improvement works will be completed by Autumn 2020.

The following works are currently being progressed:

  • We are liaising with the planning authority following submission of the detailed planning application including the Environmental Impact Assessment. It is anticipated it will go to committee in late April 2019.
  • We are preparing contract documents to support the design and will then commence the tender process to select a construction partner.

The Detailed Design has progressed well and the commencement of the tender process to select a contractor will follow as soon as a positive planning determination is received. We are now anticipating the construction phase will start towards the end of the summer 2019 and be completed by the end of spring of 2020.

The following works are currently being progressed:

  • Preliminary Design and Environmental Impact Assessment for the submission of the Planning Application 
  • Negotiations with landowners to secure the land required to build the scheme
  • Detailed Design of two new roundabouts, a new link road, and changes to existing junctions on the A140
  • Preparation of contract documents to support the design and a tender process to select a construction partner

A Planning Application has been submitted in December 2018. A period of up to 16 weeks is allowed for the planning application to be consulted and the decision making process to take place. Therefore, a decision in March 2019 is anticipated. 

Surveys and data collection has been ongoing since April 2018 in order to provide the detailed information required for the planning submission.

Discussions have commenced with the local landowners, who are supportive of the principal of improving access to the Eye Airfield site.  The design proposals have been developed after collecting the views of numerous stakeholders and are subject to Planning approval being granted.

The Detailed Design has commenced whilst the planning process is ongoing. The construction phase will commence as soon as possible after planning permission is granted. If this is successful in March 2019, the construction phase could start in summer 2019 and be completed by the spring of 2020.


In 2017 Suffolk County Council successfully bid for a £3.75 million National Productivity Investment Fund grant from the Department for Transport. This was followed in 2018 by a successful bid for £1.45 million to the New Anglia LEP. 

Through local match funding, Suffolk County Council will provide the balance for the scheme.