Princes Street and Queens Street roadworks

Next phase of roadworks along Queens Street, Ipswich.

The improvements to Princes St and Queens St are designed to make this area of the town centre better for pedestrians and cyclists, and reduce the amount of traffic.

The new paving matches the style of the streets on the Waterfront and around the Willis Building to help create a flow from these areas into town. Phases 1 and 2 of the works along Princes Street and at Giles Circus are now complete.

Queens St will be closed from 4 January 2017, for 16 weeks  

Scheme details

The work includes:

  • extending the pedestrianised area along Queens Street
  • improving cycle access by providing contra-flow cycle lanes along Princes Street, Queens Street and St Nicholas Street
  • improving the look and feel of the areas with new paving

Traffic movements will be reduced by:

  • removing on-street parking allocation on Princes Street and Queens Street
  • limiting access into Queens Street to deliveries and permit holders only

On completion of the works, the new direction of traffic flow will apply. 

Dates and timescales


Tuesday 31 May 2016 to Summer 2017


Princes Street, Giles Circus, Queens Street, St Coytes Gardens, St Nicholas Street

Working times

Monday to Friday

Day time - 7am to 5pm

Night time - 5pm to 2.30am

The date of these works may be subject to change due to uncontrollable factors, such as periods of bad weather, or the need to undertake some work at weekends to minimise significant working week traffic disruption and delay.

Further information and updates about these works

Read about each phase and the diversions that are in place; plus advice about gaining access to properties and businesses in the roadworks area.

Phase 1

Princes Street and Coytes Gardens

Princes Street

  • will be block paved and the footways reconstructed
  • existing cycle stands and motorcycle parking will be locally relocated and a loading bay created
  • will be signed one-way southbound with a northbound contra-flow cycle lane
  • Access: deliveries by HGVs via Buttermarket; deliveries by other vehicles via Elm Street / Kings Street.

Coytes Gardens

  • existing paved road will be reconstructed and signed one-way northbound
  • Access: for deliveries and access to private parking will be from either Friars Street or Princes Street.


Approximately eight weeks.

Road closures will have signed diversions.

Artist impression



Phase 2

Giles Circus

We'll be remodelling the kerbing and granite sett carriageway to allow delivery vehicles to exit via Princes Street.


Approximately six weeks.

Artist impression



 Phase 3 and 4

  • Pedestrianisation of Queens St
  • Traffic signals will be removed at the junction of Queens St/ Friars St
  • Installing a zebra crossing and raised table to reduce traffic speed


Approximately sixteen weeks

Artist impression


Update: 13 April 2017 

We have progressed with the new carriageway and footpaths along Queen Street, Ipswich and will be moving to the next phase of the works after the Easter Bank Holiday. Access is now available for pedestrians however; the street will remain closed to vehicles at the junctions with Princes Street and Friars Street. The traffic management currently on site will be in place until the lining has been completed as detailed below.

St Nicholas Street – The specification of the works has changed and the works will now involve paving improvements. Updates will be provided should there be any further works.

The works to replace the footpath paving at the junction with St Nicholas Street and Friars Street will begin on 18th April 2017 and will continue for 4 weeks with the temporary traffic signals staying in place on Friars Street / Falcon Street until the works are completed. St Nicholas Street will be closed from the junction of Friars Street/ Falcon Street for 100m to Cromwell Square car park. The one way system and loading bays within the closure will be suspended however access will be maintained. 

Friars Street / Falcon Street – We will be constructing a raised table top and zebra crossing for traffic calming purposes at the junction with Friars Street and Falcon Street, we will also resurface and re-line the junction. This work will take place overnight from Monday 15th May 2017 and will continue for 3 nights, working between 10pm and 5am each night. 

Friars Street and Falcon Street will be closed between Princes Street and Silent Street for the duration of the above works and the following diversion routes will be in place. 

West bound - Upper Brook Street, Crown Street, Civic Drive and Princes Street.

East bound - Princes Street, Grey Friars Road, St Peters Street and Silent Street.                             

Update: 15 March 2017

As detailed in the update dated 8 March 2017, prior to the completion of the footway along the area outside Bowman’s and the Estate Agents on the adjacent side, Suffolk Highways would be working with the utility service provider to undertake street lighting disconnections.

Unfortunately as the work progressed this week, further electrical cables were located and it was not possible to safely remove the lighting columns as planned. This resulted in the overnight this week being suspended. To enable the extended electrical works to be completed, the two nights working has been rescheduled for Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st March 2017, between 5pm and 2.30am.

The current programme of work along Queen Street continues to remain unchanged and we will continue to keep you updated here.

We would like to thank you again for your patience and apologise that the footways were not completed as expected.                             

Update: 8 March 2017

Suffolk Highways have continued to work overnight and throughout the day along Queen Street, Ipswich to complete the new footway. 

We have laid the new slabs on the east side of Queen Street from Giles Circus to the junction with St Nicholas Street. The footway on the adjacent side is currently ongoing and is due to be complete by the end of Friday 10th March. The area outside Bowman’s and the area outside of the Estate Agents on the adjacent side will be left unslabbed over the weekend. This is due to the need for the utility service provider to attend to disconnect street lighting columns here.

It will be necessary to continue work for a further two nights to complete the paving in these locations. We currently plan to do this on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March 2017 between 5pm and 2.30am. However this is dependent on agreeing a date for the street lighting column to be disconnected.

To allow a safe working area at the junction with Friars Street, temporary traffic signals will be in place from Monday 13th March, for 5 days. These will be in operation 24 hours a day. For the duration of the temporary traffic signals being in operation, buses will drop off and pick up outside the Buttermarket. We will put out appropriate signing to reflect this.

The current programme of work along Queen Street remains unchanged and is scheduled to be complete mid-April.

We would like to thank you for your patience for the duration of the night works and apologise for any disruption that this has caused.                              

Update: 17 February 2017

The footway paving is almost complete along one side of Queen Street, Ipswich. The overnight works have now been suspended and will recommence on 27 February 2017.

As the works have progressed, the overnight excavation works have not taken as long as expected, this has allowed time within the programme to complete the slabbing works before any further over night excavation is required.

Update: 6 February 2017

Since we resumed work on Queen Street in the New Year we have been making good progress and works are on schedule. Shortly we will be starting work to repave the footpaths. 

To reduce disruption and ensure public safety, we will be carrying out some of this work outside of normal business hours.

Advance notice of night working on Queen Street, Ipswich - Thursday 9 February 2017 - Thursday 9 March 2017 (Monday to Friday)

From Thursday 9 February, staff on site will be working in two shifts:

Night Shift: 5pm to 2.30am – Digging up existing footpaths and laying foundations for new paving slabs.

Day Shift: 7.30am to 5pm –Laying new paving slabs.

Access will be available to all properties and businesses during business hours, using temporary ramps where necessary. 

Information for residents and businesses

  • Access for all emergency services will be available at all times to all properties.
  • Noise: We use vehicles, machinery and equipment that will create noise but we try to keep the noise down as much as possible. We plan to complete any noisy cutting or breaking work before 10pm.
  • Pedestrian access to properties and businesses in the area will be available throughout the work.
    Staff on site will be able to answer any questions and help you safely get in or out of the area.  However, outside of business hours, access to your property may be temporarily unavailable for periods of 15-20 minutes. For example, if we are digging up the footpath directly outside your property or laying a new surface.
  • Businesses: We understand that businesses need to know that their customers can still visit.  “Businesses open as usual” signs will continue to be in place on site throughout the works.

Update: 20 January 2017

We are planning to decommission the permanent traffic signals at the Queen Street/ Friars Street junction, Ipswich.

Pedestrian crossing preparatory works - 25 January 2017, for 10 days

On Wednesday 25 January 2017, the permanent traffic signals at the Queen St and Friars St junction will be decommissioned (disconnected and the signal heads removed). The works will also include kerbing improvements at this junction.

Pedestrian and traffic management

To allow the signal and kerbing works to be completed, temporary traffic signals will be in operation for 10 days (including the weekend).

There will be two temporary lighted pedestrian crossings put in place until the permanent zebra crossings are installed. The completion date for the new crossing construction is to be confirmed. 



Phase 3: Queens St

Planned start date: From 4 January 2017 (weather permitting)

Duration: Approximately 16 weeks

Phase 3 will see the pedestrianisation of Queen St. A loading bay will replace the existing pay and display parking. Following completion of the works, only delivery vehicles and permit holders will be allowed to access Queen St from Friars St. 

Towards the beginning of Phase 3, the traffic signals at the crossroads of Queen St, Friars St, St Nicholas St and Falcon St will be removed. This will be replaced with a zebra crossing on the Friars St side of the junction, which will also have a raised table to reduce traffic speed.

For the duration of Phase 3, Queen St will be closed from Butter Market to Friars St and parking in Queen St will be suspended. Temporary traffic signals will also be in place at the junction of Queen St/ Friars St to remove the permanent signals and install the zebra crossing and raised table.

Diversion – Princes Street, Franciscan Way, Grey Friars Road, Star Lane, Fore Street, Orwell Place, Tacket Street, Upper Brook Street and Butter Market.

Phase 1: Princes Street

Work along Princes St has been completed and the road has reopened to traffic travelling from King St (Corn Exchange) /Giles Circus towards Museum Street. The block paving has been completed, as well as the cycle lane and loading/ motorcycle parking bays. 

The diversion route has been removed and access to Queen St is via Elm St and Kings St. Traffic exiting Buttermarket will be via Queen St. The one-way system along Princes St has been permanently reverted and now runs from Giles Circus towards Museum Street with a contraflow cycle lane. 

Phase 2: Giles Circus

The kerbs at Giles Circus have been altered to enable delivery traffic from Buttermarket to exit via Princes St. To change the one-way flow, the kerbs have been modified to make the road and the pavement the same level. Two of the five trees have been relocated and replaced as part of this phase. 

Access to properties and businesses

Access within the roadworks site will be available to pedestrians; this may be subject to ongoing operations at times. Staff on site will be able to answer any questions and help you safely get in or out of the roadworks site.

However, access to your property may be temporarily unavailable for about 15-20 minutes, for example, if we are digging up the road or footpath outside your property or laying a new surface.

Access for emergency services will be available at all times.


We understand that businesses need to know that customers can still visit, so where appropriate, we will display signs saying "Business open as usual".


Before the start time of the works, all parked vehicles must be removed from the road. Vehicle parking will not be allowed until the works are completed.


We use vehicles, heavy machinery and equipment that will create noise but we try to keep the noise down as much as possible.

Other services

They've been notified of these works, including local bus operators and the District Council for bin collections.

If you have any questions during the works, please speak to staff on site. Alternatively, you can contact us via:

We would also be grateful for feedback on how the works were carried out and what you think of the result to help us improve our service.

Give your thoughts by completing our online feedback form.

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