Nacton Road and The Havens roundabout, Ipswich roadworks

About the completed and planned phase of roadworks and lane closures for Nacton Road/ The Havens roundabout, Ipswich; and why the improvements are being made.

In 2015, Suffolk Highways completed improvement works along Nacton Road, Ipswich including Ransomes Way and Felixstowe Road. The works included widening Nacton Road from The Thrasher roundabout to The Havens roundabout to provide an extra traffic lane,  increased vehicle capacity and reducing delays during peak periods. The road was also resurfaced. 

The works completed also included:

  • provide 3 lanes for traffic on Ransomes Way
  • increase the capacity at the 3 roundabouts on Ransomes Way, by widening the roads in localised areas
  • improve cycle and pedestrian routes along these roads

Details of the new phase are now available below. 

This new phase of works will widen the approach from The Havens to the Nacton Road roundabout to create an extra third lane and increase entry capacity. Two lanes will also be marked and signed along The Havens from the David Lloyd roundabout to improve capacity along this link.

Once this phase of works are completed, the general arrangement of The Havens junction and the Nacton Road roundabout can be viewed here.

The work is planned to start on 20 November 2017 and will continue for five weeks.

You can find details on the traffic management arrangements for this phase below.


For the full duration of the works, The Havens will be reduced to one lane of traffic flow and the outer lane of the Nacton Road and The Havens roundabout will be closed. There will also be a 30mph speed limit restriction in place.

We will do our best to minimise disruption to traffic during these works, but owing to the busy location and nature of the works there will be an impact on traffic. Therefore, please allow sufficient time for your journeys in this area whilst the works are taking place.

If you travel in this area by bus please check with the bus company for any alternations to the service; information can be found on

Access for emergency vehicles will be available at all times.

Download a map of the planned Nacton Road improvements.

Phase 1

Suffolk Highways has completed Phase 1 of the Nacton Road Project.

Phase 1 works:

  • ran from Friday 3 July 2015 until November 2015
  • took place at the Sainsbury's (Warren Heath) and Central Avenue roundabouts, and along Ransomes Way between these roundabouts.

Central Avenue roundabout

The following improvements have been made to the Central Avenue roundabout:

  • widening the northern leg has provided 2 lanes for traffic into, through and away from the roundabout
  • relocation of the existing signal crossing on the northern leg further away from the roundabout
  • improved cycle and pedestrian routes
  • addition of a new pedestrian crossing island on Ransomes Way
  • carriageway resurfacing and line painting

Sainsbury's (Warren Heath) roundabout

The following improvements have been made to the Sainsbury's roundabout:

  • widening of east and west legs to provide extra lanes of traffic into the roundabout
  • creation of a free left slip from Ransomes Way onto Felixstowe Road
  • new toucan crossing on east arm
  • new pedestrian crossing island on west arm
  • improved cycle and pedestrian routes
  • carriageway resurfacing and road markings

For more information about Phase 1 please read our leaflet (PDF, 445KB) on the improvements.

You may also find it useful to read our answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Phase 2

April 2016

Suffolk Highways work on the second phase of the Nacton Road capacity improvement went well.

As the widening works progressed between The Havens and The Thrasher roundabout, it became apparent that some work was required to an underground UK Power Network electric cable.

After excavations took place, a cable was found to be closer to the road surface than our preparatory trial holes had suggested; and at a shallower depth than was shown on the plans we were provided with before works began.

The movement of this cable needed to happen before the widening could be completed, and meant that the outbound lane closure, and the night-time closure were altered to allow the cable to be diverted and lowered. These cable works took place on 13 and 14 April.

The 24-hour outbound road closure remained in operation until 22 April. The planned night-time road closure took place from 22 April, although the works took place over 5 working‑day nights (between 7pm and 5am, excluding weekends), rather than the original 3 nights.

During the period of closure, through traffic was diverted via A1189 Ransomes Way, A1156 Felixstowe Road, A12/A14 interchange (junction 58) and A14 and A1189 Nacton Road (junction 57). The resurfacing work happened around the remaining widening works, so temporary lining and traffic management were in operation.

Councillor James Finch, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

"We have found a solution that enables us to work around this issue and to keep close to the agreed schedule, rather than having to cause further unnecessary delays."

Work to widen Nacton Road between The Thrasher and The Havens roundabouts to increase capacity went well. When the physical widening works took place, Nacton Road was closed in an out of town direction only (eastbound), from The Thrasher roundabout.

Following the physical widening, the road was resurfaced. This operation was undertaken at night by closing Nacton Road completely from The Thrasher to The Havens roundabout.

After the resurfacing was complete the road markings, traffic light sensors and road studs were reinstalled. Resurfacing and lining works took place overnight from 7:30pm to 5am.

For more information about Phase 2 please read our leaflet (PDF, 401 KB) on the improvements.

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