Junction improvements to Felixstowe Road and St Augustine's, Ipswich

There will be street lighting upgrades, resurfacing along Felixstowe Road, including part of Ashdown Way and upgrading the footways to shared use.

Two west bound lanes will be provided and existing traffic islands will be removed as well as the installation of one new traffic island. The existing traffic signal point will be upgraded and one new signalised crossing at Sainsbury's will be installed.

Start date: Monday 4 June 2018 

Planned end date: Saturday 17 November 2018 

Duration: 24 weeks 

The junction improvements are to ease congestion at the Felixstowe Road and St Augustine's junction. 

An additional lane will be created to increase capacity and improve traffic flow. A new pedestrian crossing will be fitted, and the existing two toucan crossings will be upgraded with new control technology. The new technology will be safer and more responsive. New energy saving street lighting will be installed and Felixstowe Road will be resurfaced. 


Phase 2 

Start date: Week commencing Monday 3 September 2018 

Planned end date: Saturday 29 September 2018 

Duration: 4 weeks 

Phase 3 

Start date: Monday 1 October 2018 

Planned end date: Saturday 27 October 2018 

Duration: 4 weeks 

During the second and third phase, the two existing crossings (located outside KFC and on Bixley Road) will be upgraded and a shared use facility will be installed. Temporary traffic signals will be in place at the junction and part of Bucklesham Road will be closed. The bus stops will be suspended on Bixley Road and temporarily relocated during these phases. 

Diversion route

The diversion route for Bucklesham Road can be viewed here

Start date: Monday 18 June 2018 

Planned end date: Saturday 8 September 2018 

Duration: 12 Weeks 

The first phase will see the installation of a shared use footway and cycleway along Felixstowe Road, a new Toucan Crossing installed close to Sainsbury's for pedestrian access and the marking of an additional carriage lane from Sainsbury's. The additional lane will be developed to help traffic flow going towards the town centre. A bus shelter will be installed towards the end of phase 1. 

Ashdown Way - Complete 

Ashdown Way has been resurfaced between Bixley Road and Blandford Road along with all road markings. 


The details of the final two weeks are to be confirmed. Details will be available here in due course.

Start date: Monday 4 June 2018 

Planned end date: Saturday 9 June 2018 

Duration: 5 Nights 

During the first week of works, the traffic islands will be removed along Felixstowe Road. It will be necessary for the road to be closed overnight between St Augustine's roundabout and Sainsbury's. The road will be closed between 7.30pm and 5am. 

Following the five nights, Felixstowe Road will be closed for surface dressing between Sainsbury's and the A12 roundabout prior to Phase 1 continuing. For further information regarding the surfacing dressing, please visit roadworks.org 

Diversion routes

The Felixstowe Road diversion route overnight can be found here followed by the first and second phase of surface dressing. 

Suffolk Highways has planned these works to be delivered six days a week (Monday - Saturday between 7am and 5pm) to reduce the length of time on site.

For the duration of the scheme, there will be several traffic management methods in place which are detailed in each phase above. A speed restriction will be in operation for 24/7 for the length of the junction improvements. The current 40mph limit will be restricted to 30mph. The signals will be manually controlled, including peak times from 7am to 7pm each working day. This is to alleviate delays and traffic queues. 

Pedestrian access will be available to properties and businesses in the area immediately around the works. Staff on site will be able to answer any questions and help you safely get in or out of the area. Once any road closure is in place, vehicular access to your property may be temporarily unavailable for periods of 15-20 minutes, for example, if we are digging up the road outside your property or laying a new surface. We will work to ensure this is kept to a minimum. Through traffic ill be required to follow the signed diversion.     

Businesses: We understand that businesses need to know that customers can still visit so, where appropriate, we will display "Businesses open as usual" signs. Access and egress to the slip road serving the businesses will be maintained at all times. 

Noise: We will use vehicles, heavy machinery and equipment that will create noise; however we will keep the noise to a minimum where possible. 

Other services have been notified of these works including emergency services, local bus operators and Ipswich Borough Council for bin collections. 

School transport Buses will be using the entrance to the St Augustine's Church Hall to turn around.

Service 179 (Suffolk Norse) - Bucklesham Primary School 

Service 511 (Ipswich Buses) - Kesgrave High School 

Passenger transport: The bus stops along Bucklesham Road will be suspended and the service buses will be required to follow the diversion route.

Alternative bus stops are available on Bixley Road and Felixstowe Road.  

Evening groups: Suffolk Highways has sight of the timetable for the evening groups held at St Augustine's Church and the Church Hall, any impact on these groups will be monitored.