Pothole Challenge

How we are dealing with this problem through a government's scheme.

The Pothole Challenge Fund was announced on 20 June 2014. We have received £2.944 million from this.

£2.492 million of the fund has been spend on substantial repairs at the locations listed in the table below, repairing around 2500 potholes.

The rest of the fund has been spent on a programme of repairs at approximately 400 locations, using specialised mechanical equipment, completing over 17000 repairs.

Central Suffolk

East Suffolk


West Suffolk

A14 slip road off westbound roundabout, Elmswell  Bannocks Lane, Cransford Anglia Park South roundabout Duddery Road, Haverhill
Ash Drive, Eye  Bloodmoor Road roundabouts, Lowestoft  Burke Road Eden Road, Haverhill 
Barracks Road, Assington  Caters Road, Bredfield  Campion Road  Fordham Road, Newmarket 
Black Horn Lane, Belstead  Church Road (part), Lowestoft  Coltsfoot Road  Fred Archer Way, Newmarket 
Bury Road, Wattisfield  Crag Path, Aldeburgh  Eccles Road  High Street, Hopton 
Church Road, Wilby  Cretingham Lane, Tunstall  Elmcroft Road  Hurdle Drove, West Row 
Clay Lane, Hadleigh  Garrett Crescent, Leiston  Elsmere Road  Jarman's Lane, West Row 
Cole Street, Wilby  Gorleston Road, Oulton  Epson Drive  Kings Forest, Wordwell 
Cranmore Green Lane, Long Melford  Halesworth Road, Rumburgh  Galway Avenue  Mount Road, Haverhill 
Eye Road, Hoxne  Heavingham Long Lane, Peasenhall  Kingsley Close  Pott Hall Road, West Row 
Higham Road, Higham  High House, Otley  Lanark Road  Rouse Road, Newmarket 
Highlands Road, Monks Eleigh  Keepers Lane, Marlesford  Macauley Road  Silver Street, Withersfield 
Hollow Lane, Bures  Lime Street, Tunstall  Mallard Way  The Street, Gt Barton 
Lavenham Road, Thorpe Morieux  Low Road/Wenhaston Road, Bramfield  Shakespear Road  Thetford Road, Euston 
Lawshall Road, Lawshall/Hartest  Old Church Road, Ufford Wallers Grove  West Row Road, Freckenham 
Lower Barn Road, Chattisham  Oulton Street, Oulton     
Melford Road, Lawshall/Shimpling  Pitmer Road, Rendham     
Schoolfield, Glemsford  Potters Street/Chapel Road, Theberton     
St Edmunds Road, Bures  Sanctuary Lane, Letheringham     
  Saxon Road, Saxmundham     
  St James Road, St James South Elmham     
  The Street, Letheringham     
  The Street, Walberswick     
  Triggins Lane, Kelsale     
  Walk Farm Road, Monewden     
  Walpole Lane, Walpole     
  White House, Dallinghoo     

Please see roadworks.org for information on roadworks in Suffolk.