Streets maintainable by Suffolk County Council

The List of Streets is a directory of all highways maintainable at public expense by Suffolk County Council.

Find the List of Streets for each district council below:

View the full list of streets (XLS, 2.34MB), which is updated on the first working day of the month. To search in the document, press Ctrl + F and then type in the box.

Our list of streets guidance (PDF, 43KB) has explanations of the terms used in the lists.

The following legal events can cause the List of Streets to be amended:

  • Renaming of an existing street
  • Adoption of an unadopted street
  • Stopping up of a street
  • Classification or declassification of a street
  • Amendment of the definitive map of public rights of way

For more information regarding particular records, please email Please be aware that due to the high volume of correspondence and the amount of research that may need to be undertaken, responses to straight forward requests regarding the extent of the highway boundary may take 20 working days, and to more complex requests may take up to 8 weeks.