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Greene King and Bury Local Links bike week event 5 September 2018
Encouraging Sustainable Travel in the workplace 5 September 2018
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Bury Local Links Networking Event 7 June 2018
The Arc Shopping Centre 7 June 2018
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Suffolk Road Safe's free event 3 April 2018
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Bury Local Links end of year awards 23 October 2017
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Cycle to Work Day 4 September
Act TravelWise Week 4 September
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Willis Towers-Watson Active Travel Event

11 August 2017

Axa Active Travel Event

11 August 2017
Article Date published
 Promoting cycling with West Suffolk Hospital 31 July 2017


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Workplace travel clinics

2 June 2017


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A1 Travel Information Boards for workplaces

2 May 2017


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Sudbury walking events

6 April 2017


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Welcome Integrated Transport Planning (ITP)

20 December 2016


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Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre

14 November 2016

Bury St Edmunds Job Centre, Jobs Fair

7 November 2016

NHS Careers Event at West Suffolk College

7 November 2016


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Tips for winter cycling from Revel Outdoors

Be seen; a good quality set of lights is essential.

24 October 2016

MENTA Trade Fair

We engaged with over 130 people at the MENTA Trade Fair last week.

11 October 2016


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University of Suffolk Bury St Edmunds

We visited the University of Suffolk last week in Bury St Edmunds.

26 September 2016

West Suffolk College Active Travel Event

Our Active Travel Event at West Suffolk College brought lots of staff and students.

16 September 2016

West Suffolk Hospital Active Travel Event

We were extremely pleased to see the employees of West Suffolk Hospital engage with our Active Travel Event on Wednesday 7 September.

9 September 2016

West Suffolk College Fresher's Fair

We are pleased to have attended the West Suffolk College Fresher's Fair.

5 September 2016


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Bury St Edmunds Cycle Parking

Take a look at our new cycle parking map for Bury St Edmunds.

16 August 2016

West Suffolk College Jobs Fair

We were pleased to take part in the recent West Suffolk College Jobs Fair.

31 August 2016


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Moreton Hall pre-work walk and cycle

Today we embarked on our pre-work walk and cycle from Moreton Hall to Bury St Edmunds town centre.

13 July 2016 

The Street Velodrome

The Street Velodrome was a huge success, with in excess of 250,000 people either in Carter Square or taking part in social media discussions around the event.

20 July 2016 

Abbey Gardens Walking Quiz

Take part in our free Abbey Gardens Walk and Quiz this summer! 

20 July 2016 


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Bike Week 2016

Bike Week 2016 is running between 11 and 19 June 2016.

2 June 2016

Green Transport Week

Green Transport Week run from 11 to 19 June 2016.

6 June 2016

Active Travel for Greene King employees

Wednesday 8 June marked our day at Greene King, providing advice and fun activities for the employees to get involved in.

13 June 2016

Pre-work walk and cycle

Thought about cycling or walking to work?

22 June 2016


Date published

Pre-work walks

May sees the start of the Suffolk Year of Walking.

2 May 2016

Global Bike to Work Day

10 May is Global Bike to Work Day.

9 May 2016 

Ickworth House Beginners' Running Programme

A new beginners' running course is open to anyone - offering a unique opportunity to run on the Ickworth House estate.


9 May 2016 


Living Streets are promoting #Try20 as part of Suffolk's Year of Walking launch this month.

16 May 2016 

Suffolk's Year of Walking

The launch of Suffolk's Year of Walking has arrived.

19 May 2016 

West Suffolk Spin Charity Bike Ride

This Saturday, West Suffolk Hospital is proud to present its newest fundraiser for 2016 - The West Suffolk Spin.

24 May 2016 

Car Free Fridays

Friday 3 June 2016 marks the first of the #SuffolkCarFreeFriday active travel for the month.

31 May 2016 


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April 2016 newsletter

Take a look the Bury Local Links newsletter for April 2016 to see what's happening this month.

4 April 2016

Walking and cycling opportunities in Bury St Edmunds

The Department for Transport have recently provided the Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy document with facts which could help enhance your organisation's sustainable travel in Bury St Edmunds.

11 April 2016 

Bury St Edmunds Eastern Relief Road

The new Eastern Relief Road in Bury St Edmunds will have off-road cycle facilities along it's route. What better time to encourage an active commute?!

14 April 2016 

How walking can improve your mental health

There are many things that walking can do which can be extremely beneficial to your mental health, without you even realising it.

20 April 2016 


Car Free Friday challenges residents in Suffolk to change their transport habits every Friday in June.

26 April 2016 


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Eco driving

Eco driving improves road safety and the quality of the local and global environment, whilst saving fuel costs.

3 March 2016

The Bury St Edmunds Sport Relief Mile

Bury St Edmunds is set to host the 4th Sports Relief Mile on Sunday 20 March 2016 at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre in aid of Sport Relief.

11 March 2016

Cycle to Work Alliance

This cycle to work scheme is a tax efficient, salary sacrificed employee benefit, that provides a way of encouraging more adults to take up cycling.

17 March 2016

Walking meetings

Meetings don't always need to talk place in a room.

22 March 2016

Electric bikes - all you need to know

23 March 2016 

Car Sharing Top Tips

Ever thought about how much money car sharing could save you? It could be more than you think?

30 March 2016


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Bury Local Links launch event

The launch of Bury Local Links was a roaring success at the Bury St Edmunds Chamber of Commerce's Networking Breakfast, on Friday 5 February.

10 February 2016

Street Velodrome

Take part in the world's most accessible cycle sport.

16 February 2016

Bury Town Centre walk in just 30 minutes

Are you looking for something to fill your lunch break besides sitting at your desk?

16 February 2016

Want to know how many calories you'll burn walking to work?

By using another great tool, Walkit, you will not only be able to find suitable routes around Bury St Edmunds and other towns, but this website will estimate how many calories you'll burn on your route, depending on whether you walk at a fast, medium or slow pace.

18 February 2016

How sustainable travel can benefit your organisation

With 21% of total UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions from transport, decarbonising is now part of the solution.

25 February 2016

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