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Projected population growth in Suffolk will subject its urban areas to high level of traffic demand. Sustainable travel campaigns mitigate the volume and proportion of single-occupancy car trips and create a corresponding increase in more sustainable modes (e.g. walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing).Local Links

Ensuring those than can travel sustainably are doing so delivers a range of benefits, including reducing congestion, maintenance costs and transport emissions, and increasing health and wellbeing. 

Suffolk County Council had previously been the recipient of funding to deliver programmes of sustainable travel promotion as part of the government's agenda to cut carbon emissions and create local growth.

Most recently the Lowestoft Local Links programme was delivered and included infrastructure improvements, alongside a series of behaviour change campaigns.

Lowestoft Local Links workplace engagement has established a network of 150 organisations, each actively promoting sustainable travel. The result is a 10% reduction in car driver trips and more than £2 million of health savings amassed. 

Figures from the project indicate a benefit cost ratio of 6.3 to 1. So for every £1 invested into the project, 36.30 of benefits are generated, making the project 'very good' value for money. This successful campaign has been acclaimed nationally, winning the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation's 'Sustainability Award' in 2013, and has been highly commended at the 2015 National Transport Awards. 

Watch the following short film to see some elements of the Lowestoft Local Links project:

Local Links in Suffolk will build on the experience and resources accrued in Lowestoft, to help mitigate the impact of forecast population growth. Sustainable travel engagement campaigns maximise the return of investment in sustainable transport infrastructure.

Local Links will also support and accompany the LEP allocation of £2.7 million capital funding for Suffolk's sustainable transport improvements.

Local Links Scene