Apply for an advisory disabled parking bay

Learn how to complete an application for on-street advisory disabled bay markings, including finding out if you're eligible.

The types of parking bays for disabled drivers are:

  1. formal bay with sign
  2. advisory bay with road markings only

Read more about the types of parking bays for people with disabilities. 

Click on the green button below to download the application for Street Advisory Disabled Bay Markings (PDF, 641KB).

Apply for an advisory disabled parking bay

To qualify for an advisory disabled parking bay, you must:

  • be dependent on having a vehicle directly outside your property
  • be a blue badge holder who cannot walk a short distance (about 20 metres) without extreme difficulty
  • be a car owner/driver, or lives with a car owner/driver – a bay will not normally be provided if the applicant does not drive unless their carer also has mobility problems
  • provide written supporting evidence by a doctor/occupational therapist (and their carer where appropriate)
  • have no off-street parking available or the possibility of providing it

It won't be possible to provide an advisory parking bay where: 

  • the Police object
  • there are other legal restrictions on parking such as yellow lines
  • they may adversely affect road safety

To apply you will need to submit:

  1. a completed Application for On-Street Advisory Disabled Bay Markings
  2. written support from a doctor or occupational therapist (some doctors may charge for this)

If you live in Suffolk and would like an advisory disabled parking bay on a trunk road, please contact Highways England

Once we receive your completed form, we will assess the site and consult with: 

This can take up to 4 months, but we'll let you know about our decision as soon as we can.

If the application is approved, we'll arrange for the marking to be laid free of charge. To minimise costs, the work will be done when our contractor is next in the area.

If you no longer need the bay you should inform us so that removal can take place.