Apply for an advisory disabled parking bay form

Apply online for an advisory disabled parking bay for residential areas and check what the criteria is before you apply.

Check the criteria before you apply.

How to complete the form

  • If you're applying for yourself complete parts and D.
  • If you're the nominated(*) person applying for someone else complete parts B, C and D.
    * E.g. relative, friend, neighbour or doctor

Part A: applicants applying for yourself

If you're applying for yourself only need to complete part A and D.

Part B: Person you're applying on behalf (as the nominated person)

If you're applying for someone else only need to complete part B, C and D.

Part C: Nominated person's details

Part D: Applicant's disabilities details (person who requires an advisory disabled parking bay)

What benefits do you receive?

Written evidence from a Doctor

Terms and conditions

I hereby apply for on-street advisory disabled parking bay markings. I understand that these markings (if approved) are only advisory and would not legally exclude other vehicles from parking.

I also understand that Suffolk County Council may remove the marking at its discretion at any time.

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